History and Culture

The history of Barbados is unique, and we Bajans (the familiar term for Barbadians) are at ease with our past and proud architects of our future.

Start your Caribbean cultural holiday here with some interesting facts about Barbados:

  • Our island was colonised by the English early in the 17th century

  • Before then, Barbados was inhabited by Carib and Arawak Native Americans

  • Transformed by the plantation system and slavery, we were the world's number one sugar producer by 1650

  • Barbados is the oldest continuing parliamentary democracy outside England

  • We achieved universal voting rights in 1943 and opted for full independence from the UK in 1966

  • Our cultural roots are in the plantation slavery economy, a unique blend of West African and European

  • We speak English with a distinct accent, spiced with words in West African-English pidgin called Bajan

Enrich your Barbados experience by visiting some of our amazing historical places, including Gun Hill Signal Station, George Washington House and our Parliament Buildings in historic Bridgetown. Take time to look back in time.

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