As a visitor to the island, it is best to acquaint yourself with the customs regulations of Barbados, as well as those of your home country, so as to help you to eliminate any hassles that may arise when bringing gifts and souvenirs back from your vacation

General Duty Free Allowances:

As a general practice, visitors to Barbados are allowed to obtain duty free the following personal effects: 1 litre of potable spirits or wine.

All articles in excess of this exemption are subject to the pertinent duty and tax.

Please note that personal effects are designated as a passenger's baggage containing apparel and articles for personal use of which a traveler may reasonably require during vacation -e.g. clothing, cosmetics and accessories.

Restricted or prohibited items:

On October 1, 2010 a no smoking law went into effect for Barbados. Barbadians and visitors to the shores of Barbados stand to be prosecuted if found smoking in public areas. The legislation is designed to protect vulnerable individuals and groups from the harmful effects of second-hand tobacco smoke. The definition of a public place includes a building, place, structure, or facility that is owned or occupied by the Crown or a statutory board; a place, site, building, factory, plant, work-place or other structure that is fully or substantially enclosed; and a library, museum, auditorium, historic or other site of archaeological or national significance. Violation of this law is subject to a fine, imprisonment, or both.

In Barbados, importation of certain items are restricted or prohibited so to protect the community and maintain the high standards of animal and plant life.

Prohibited articles such as illegal drugs and pornography will be seized and persons may face penalties and prosecution.

Restricted items may be released after inspection by the appropriate agency or detained until conditions of the restrictions are met. Receipts are issued for all articles detained by customs.

Restricted items include:

All fruits, vegetables, plants, cuttings, seeds or unprocessed plant products must be declared to customs and presented for inspection by a Plant Quarantine Officer. Fresh fruits from certain countries are prohibited in order to prevent the spreading of pest and plant diseases. Certain plants, seeds or cuttings may require an import permit and a phytosanitary certificate.

Requests for import permits and further information should be addressed to:

Plant Quarantine
Ministry of Agriculture
Graeme Hall
Christ Church
Tel (246) 428-4150

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